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Welch Allyn® Diagnostic Cardiology Suite Spirometry


  • ECG and spirometry applications launch directly from the EMR
  • Spirometer automatically detects ambient pressure and temperature to eliminate manual entry
  • Instantly verify spirometry exam quality and test performance
  • Utilize one device for spirometry and ECG exams for a common workflow and setup
  • Help perform spirometry exams correctly with an incentive screen
  • Repeatability criteria provides feedback and opportunities for exam coaching
  • Securely control user logins, assign user roles and access audit trails
  • Save PDFs to any network folder

Product Specifications

Product Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 33 CM
Width: 25.4 CM
Depth: 10.2 CM
Weight: 1.4 KG
Connects to EMR? Yes
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Product Warranty: NO WARRANTY
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Healthcare can be complicated, but finding the right diagnostic tool doesn’t have to be.

Introducing the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Cardiology Suite from Hillrom—one solution for electrocardiograms and spirometry tests, helping you shorten the path to diagnosis for improved patient outcomes.

Help your patients breathe easier with spirometry.

Our spirometer uses disposable, single-use transducers to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between exams. Integrated ambient sensors enter temperature, pressure or humidity values before an exam, so you don’t have to.

Diagnostic Cardiology Suite Spirometry

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